Vembu - Future & Criticalities of Data Storage - A Must Read Infographic

Future & Criticalities of Data Storage - A Must Read Infographic

Data storage is a technology which has continued to make transitions in past few years and might change further in the upcoming years. Data storage and backups are essential for every type of business in today’s life. Data plays the heart of every business and all the critical data needs to be stored and backed up for the future reference.

Encryption and Compression play a major role when comes to data storage. Encryption is a critical feature for storage security and Compression is an important feature, which helps to reduce the storage costs.

The future of data storage technology is explained in the infographic. Click here to view the infographic.

Data Storage

How file system helps to store data?

Vembu’s in-house and patented, VembuHIVETM file system has an in-built version control and error correction along with encryption and deduplication. The file system can top on any file system, be it NAS, SAN, DAS etc thereby providing efficient storage mechanism to data centers. To know more about VembuHIVETM and it’s critical functionalities, don’t forget to click on the below button.

Data Storage

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