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Ramjet Tips and Tricks - Send Files Securely With Disk Utility


Fend Off Identity Theft When Sending Files

Everybody has a scary story to tell about someone who knows someone who was a victim of identity theft. Industry experts all agree that identify theft is on the rise. Here are a few tips on how to protect yourself from hackers when you need to pass personally sensitive information to somebody else. 

The Old Fashioned In-Person Hand Off

There's nothing safer than just handing your tax preparer, for example, a password protected flash drive with all of your personal information. There’s no middleman involved, no intermediary between you and your preparer for some security breech to occur. Go old school. 

Dropbox - Encrypted File-sharing Service

If you must send your files electronically because your recipient is in another state or country, then use Dropbox or any other encrypted file-sharing provider. Most are free up to a certain amount of data. Just be okay with the fact that all of your sensitive files are now sitting on somebody's else server. 

Encrypt Any Files You Send Over Email

If you elect to go this route, then be sure to encrypt your file or group of files. There are any number of third party file encryption tools that you can find online but did you know that you already have one in OS X Disk Utility? There are five simple steps to take and it involves Terminal so don't freak out!
Step 1 - Place all of the files you want to send into one folder with Finder
Step 2 - Open Terminal. You should see a prompt like this:
ComputerName:~ UserName$
Step 3 - Type "zip -er myfiles.zip" and enter one space after myfiles.zip (do not hit return yet)
Step 4 - Go to Finder and drag and drop the folder you created in Step 1 into your Terminal
Step 5 - If you did this correctly, Terminal should ask you to enter a password. Create a password, enter return and verify the password. You're done. Go to Finder and you should see your zip file in that folder!

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