CiviCRM - There's something for everyone at CiviCon!


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CiviCon St. Louis

MAY 8-9, 2017


The largest CiviCRM conference in
North America


CiviCON ST LOUIS - There's something for everyone!


Sessions for CiviCon St. Louis are live, and there's something for everyone! Whether you're in for the one day discovery or the full conference, CiviCon St. Louis is packed full of information and resources for beginners to seasoned users. Sessions will cover a range of topics, including accounting improvements, use of Caldera Forms, CiviHR, Drupal8, CiviVolunteer and more. 


Early bird discount for CiviCon expires on April 7. Register today!


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Keynote: Matt Thompson


Matt Thompson (@OpenMatt) is an author, 2017 Mozilla Fellow, and agile trainer for non-profit organizations. After serving seven years as a Senior Director at the Mozilla Foundation, he's currently writing about what he's learned from the world's most inspiring open source people and projects, exploring how open and agile principles can supercharge collaboration and help save the world. Matt is a Webby Award-winning net neutrality activist, contributor, former CBC journalist and DJ dad. He works openly at


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