Altair - May 2017 HyperWorks Insider

May 2017 HyperWorks Insider

HyperWorks Insider

May 2017

Surface to Air Film is Here!

Altair’s ongoing Design the Difference film documentary series explores extraordinary client achievements, the high stakes of design and the incredible impact it has in shaping the world around us. In SURFACE TO AIR, go behind the scenes with Artemis Racing and Altair to experience what it takes to be a favored contender for the 2017 America’s Cup, the oldest and most coveted global sailing competition.

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Innovate with Multibody

Until the advent of digital computers and the development of suitable numerical methods, one could manually generate the equations of motion for a system, but except for the simplest of cases no solutions could ever be found because the equations were too complex. All of this started to change in the 1970s, when researchers started to use the power of digital computers to not only formulate the equations of motion for an arbitrary mechanical system, but also compute its response using new computational techniques. Thus the field of modern Multibody Simulation (MBS) was born. 

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Tips &

Tips and Tricks


T & T 1232 – HyperView – Radius Measure

T & T 1233 – SimLab – Darker Shade

T & T 1234 – HyperMesh – Detach from wall (Geomechanics)

T & T 1235 – HyperMesh – MODCHG in HyperMesh – OptiStruct Interface



Product Updates


Flux 12.3

sTCompose 2017.1



FEKO 2017.1.1

Click2Cast 4.1/


Partner Spotlight

Steve Beck, President & CEO, discusses virtual human performance simulation software, Santos® Pro, available through the Altair Partner Alliance. Santos® began as a research project funded by the United States Army Tank-Automotive and Armaments Command (TACOM) and has grown to be the only existing 1st principles-based approach to predicting human physical behavior and performance that provides a platform for truly human-centric design and analysis.


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